Save Our Shirt

It might sound grand and serious and game-changing but – although you could make it all of those things – Save Our Shirt is actually just a common sense call for sponsors to stop bastardising football shirts and to return them to the fans. That’s it.


We’re proud to be partnering up with Huddersfield Town for the 2019/20 season as the club’s lead shirt sponsor. We're honoured to become a small part of the club's rich 110 year history, by removing the sponsors mark from their shirts.

Paddy Power:

Proudly Unsponsoring Huddersfield Town

We are delighted to announce that Motherwell FC are the first Scottish club to join the Save Our Shirt campaign. During the 2019/20 season Paddy Power will be removing the sponsors logo from their famous claret and amber shirts.

Paddy Power:

Proudly Unsponsoring Motherwell FC


Newport County AFC are the third club to join our campaign, and we’re pleased to announce that next season they will be playing in a beautiful unspoiled jersey. We understand that the shirt is a sacred thing, which belongs to the fans.

Paddy Power:

Proudly Unsponsoring Newport County AFC

It wasn’t going to be any other bookmaker leading this charge, was it?

At Paddy Power, we know our place, and it’s not on your shirt.

That doesn’t mean we don’t love and want to be involved with football. It’s just about respecting that some things are sacred – even if clubs and other sponsors don’t always see it that way.

This issue isn’t owned or controlled by Paddy Power. We’ve simply started the ball rolling, but the power now lies with you, the supporter.

So call on your club, and/or their sponsors, and ask them to make a change. Whether it’s today, tomorrow, or next season. Tell them to join us, to join the Save Our Shirt campaign, and unbastardise the sacred shirt.

Don’t you wish we weren’t on your shirt?